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Gig: 8th April 2012 from Sam Hauxwell

Nov 1 2012

Once the Fallen enter the stage everyone's attention moves onto them, there's excitement buzzing around the room because everyone knows that a night with the Fallen is a bloody good night. The North East's favourite local band, everyone around our way are proud to behold such a great four piece. I've been to see them once before, 1st of July 2011 and, after having a pretty rubbish birthday, they brightened up my spirits and this time they never failed to lift my spirits again.

The set list is fantastic, I've never been to a gig where I can actually sing the words to every song - everyone in the room was dancing and singing. 'Sunny Afternoon' was my favourite performance of the night, the way that our lead singer/guitarist's (John Betts) acoustic moments melded in with Dom Franks's lead guitar work was just excellent - the way they reinvented the Kinks' classic to keep the room buzzing was immense. 'Dakota', 'Don't Look Back In Anger' and 'Hi Ho Silver Lining' were also classic performances, these are songs that aren't regularly sang by live bands but what Betts, Franks, Blades (bass/vocal) and Cockerill (drums)did is give them a new lease of life, pumping up every person in the audience to keep them on their feet all night.

Betts has an extremely powerful voice, very distinctive and one that can get away with singing any song that is thrown his way. I love a singer that can interact with the audience and Betts goes so far as to join us all, letting people sing into his microphone, having us all sit down with him during 'All these things that I've done' and even handing me the MIC at one point to hold onto - whilst he took a quick drink.

Franks has a brilliant relationship with his guitar, they work together brilliantly in getting every riff and chord spot on. I'd even say he's quite possibly the best live guitarist I've seen.

Blades? What a fella', the bass lines he played were brilliant - my foot caught a speaker at one point and actually went numb due to the amount of bass that was coming through - it was brilliant!

And last, but not least, our drummer Micky Cockerill, amazing drummer, whether it was him or the sound system but his drums sounded incredible - so crisp and clear, and very accessible to us lot in the crowd. Usually drums are drowned out by guitars but they were so clear to hear, what made this experience better was how great of a drummer he is.

I had an amazing night, everyone in the Hollybush had an amazing night. £2 I had to pay to see the Fallen and I've paid, at most, £50 for nights that have had no atmosphere, for musicians that were average and for many songs that I couldn't even sing along to. But these guys never disappoint.