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Gig: 26th November 2011 from Andy Williams

Nov 1 2012

The Fallen, already a well known and well respected band regionally and a band I'd known for many years having listened to them play in many local pubs in the East Cleveland area played at my 40th Birthday Party on Saturday 26th November 2011. Suffice to say, they were excellent, they never fail to impress, they certainly made it a night to remember and that's all you can ask for to celebrate your 40th birthday.

The professionalism started well before the night itself with regular email communication sorting out things like playlists and running order and helping me out with the itinerary, things like when they might start their first set, when to have the buffet, when the dj might start, because their experience at these kind of events far outweighs mine. My job was to fill the room with friends and family, their job was to entertain. We both did well! It was a cracker of a night. I've had so much positive feedback from guests about The Fallen and the atmosphere they created - it's unreal and my friends now can't wait for my 50th!